Do PR Companies Really Care About You?

  • May 15, 2022
  • Logan Derrick

It didn’t take me long to realize something about the PR industry.

Most PR companies don’t really care about you.

They also don’t think you deserve to be in publications like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and others.

I had a disheartening conversation with someone from another PR agency recently.

As I shared details about what we do here at Canvas PR, he stopped me mid-conversation.

He claimed he “almost laughed” at me because we offer PR services to startups, business authors, and what he called “wannabe celebrities” like fashion brands who wanted social media verification services.

As he continued, he said his firm only works with large corporations that “deserve to be in publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, INSIDER, Inc., …”, etc.

He went on to talk about how companies “need to start with getting A LOT of local press coverage and small publications before they would ever deserve to be in top-tier publications”.

When I shared this with my business partner, Josh Steimle, we both rolled our eyes.

This is why we keep saying PR is broken.

Companies like this guy’s may not want to work with startups and entrepreneurs, but we do.

They may not want to work with great companies that are just getting off the ground, but we do.

They may not want to work with authors, speakers, and other thought leaders, but we do.

They may not want to work with fashion brands, influencers, and so-called “wannabe celebrities”, but we do.

Wanna know the funniest thing about this other PR company I talked to?

On their website, they have an entire page dedicated to what they call their “No Jerks Policy”.

Ironic, right?

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