White Label PR

Expand Your Own PR Services

What is White Label PR?
What is White Label PR?

Promote an established PR agency's services as your own.

White label PR is when you use another company’s public relations services and present them to the customer under your own brand name. It is the perfect option for companies that want to boost their own services. This includes freelance PR pros, branding experts, marketing companies, and established PR agencies. Contact Us for our white label pricing!

Benefits of White Label PR Services

Having access to a reliable PR agency gives your business more ways to help your clients. Some of the advantages of white labeling your PR include:

  • Get your clients into top-tier publications
  • Expert assistance at a discounted price
  • Offer more value to your clients
  • Scale up your own business
  • Focus on what you're good at
Get your clients into major publications with white label PR
White Label PR working with client
How Does White Label PR Work?

You manage the client relationship, and we'll do the rest

Canvas PR allows you to maintain the relationship with your client while we do all the work behind the scenes. Simply markup the price of our discounted white label rates for your clients and keep the remaining profits.

Our 5-Step White Label PR Process

  • 1. You advertise our services to your contacts. Let them know you can get them into Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and other top-tier publications - Guaranteed.
  • 2. Send interested contacts an email showing the exact process (Canvas PR will provide this to you).
  • 3. When a client is ready to go, you process payment, pay Canvas PR our fee, and you keep the rest.
  • 4. Canvas PR does all the work and gives you updates to share with your clients.
  • 5. Canvas PR secures the placement and you get to share the good news with your client.
Interested in a PR Partnership?

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