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What is a Google Knowledge Panel?

Your Google Knowledge Panel is an information box that shows up at the top of search results.

The knowledge graph is used for people, brands, organizations, and places to provide helpful information for searchers that are looking for key details. Google shares info that is meant to give you a brief snapshot of the topic based on the search engine's understanding of online content about the entity.

Benefits of a Google Knowledge Panel

Having a Google Knowledge Panel gives your business more credibility and can increase your online visibility. Some of the best advantages include:

  • Boost your brand authority online
  • Attract more people to your business website
  • Get your business discovered by more people
  • Give people a quick snapshot about your business
Benefits of a Google Knowledge Panel
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We’ll help you or your business get a Google Knowledge Panel that shows up at the top of search results. Having this for your name or your business provides benefits of more brand authority, greater engagements, and higher visibility online.

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