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The Simple 8-Step PR Process We Follow to Get You Placed in Major Publications

Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Washington Post, and more.

Choose the Publication

Take your pick from major publications like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and many more.


Choose a Topic

Our expert team of writers and PR experts will research and produce a variety of article topics that will be relevant to you, your business, and your industry. Then, you choose the ones you like best.

Strategize PR Topics
Pitch target writer for PR placement

Pitch Target Writer

We'll reach out to one of our connections at the publication you chose. If they don't like the ideas, we either come up with new ideas or contact a different writer. Once we get something a writer likes, and that you approve of, then...


We Write the Article

You can count on our professional writing team to create engaging articles that will be helpful and impactful, while also including your quote.


Get Your Approval

You’ll have the chance to review each article to ensure it is up to your standards and fits your goals.


Send Article to Writer

If the article is approved, it goes in the queue to be published. If the article is not approved, we get the writer’s feedback about how it can be improved. Then either revise the article, pitch a different article or pitch it to a different writer until we get an article approved.

We'll contact one of our writers
Part of our PR process is waiting for the article to publish

Wait for the Article to Be Published

We generally don't ask for updates from the writer because we already know the answer, which is "It's in the queue, same as last time. I'll tell you when it goes live, so stop bugging me!"
Of course, if more time than the writer told us goes by, then we will check-in. But if they don't give us a timeline (which they often don't) then we would wait up to 3 weeks before checking in with the writer.


Article Goes Live

We usually set proper expectations by saying it may take 6-8 weeks for this entire process. That said, some placements could go live in as little as two weeks. Once we have the article submitted and approved, then it's up to the writer and their editor as well as the number of articles that are in the queue ahead of it.

Reading published PR articles
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